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-150°C Cryogenic Freezer, Compressor Type

-150°C Cryogenic Freezer: Reliable, eco-friendly storage for biological specimens and instruments in various applications. Stainless steel lining, safety features, and efficient cooling.

-25°C Biomedical Freezer, Economic

-25°C Biomedical Freezer: Reliable storage for vaccines and biological materials in research and clinical settings. Integrated design for efficiency.

-25℃ Biomedical Freezer, Premium

-25℃ Biomedical Freezer: Reliable storage for vaccines and biological materials in research and clinical settings with efficient design.

-40C Biomedical Freezer

-40℃ Biomedical Freezer: Ideal for storing vaccines and biological materials in labs, clinics, and research institutions.

-86 ULT Freezer, Dual System

-86℃ ULT Freezer: Ideal for ultra-low temperature storage in labs, clinical settings, and research institutes.

-86 ULT Freezer, Dual System, Touch Screen

ANTECH -86℃ DualGuard ULT Freezer: Secure dual-system storage for valuable samples.

-86 ULT Freezer, Energy Saving, Touch Screen

ANTECH -86℃ EcoTouch ULT Freezer: Energy-efficient, user-friendly, and space-saving.

-86 ULT Freezer, Single Compressor

ANTECH -86℃ ULT Freezer: Reliable, energy-efficient, and ideal for preserving biological materials.

1 5HP Refrigerator Fridge Compressor Wired Thermal Overload relay Protector

Essential 1.5HP Refrigerator Compressor Thermal Protector for overheat prevention. Safeguard your fridge with easy installation.

1 Pole 30 Amp 24V Coil Condenser Contactor 42-42139-05 by The HVAC Genius

The HVAC Genius 1 Pole 30 Amp Condenser Contactor is a reliable, upgraded component suitable for most residential units, featuring heavy lug terminals and a 24 Volt coil for high voltage connections. Rated for 30 Amps, it ensures efficient operation.

1-5HP-Refrigerator-Fridge-Compressor-Wired-Thermal-Overload-Protector 0

Ensure your refrigerator's compressor is protected with this wired thermal overload protector. Designed for 1-5HP compressors, it offers reliable overheating prevention. Easy to install and essential for appliance safety.

1.5 m Washing Machine Dishwasher Inlet Pipe Water Feed Fill Hose Water Pipe

Upgrade your plumbing with our 1.5m Washing Machine Dishwasher Inlet Hose. This flexible and durable hose with 90-degree and straight ends ensures a leak-free connection for all standard 3/4" water inlet appliances.
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